By Prisca Adaeze Nenger

The Counselor of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Somalia in Uganda; His Excellency Jibril Afyare, has urged KIU Somalis Students to drive themselves to success by giving in their best in all they do.  He also urged them to not be let down by anyone, especially as foreign students, because they all have individual roles to play in their future. This remark was given during the Orientation of the New Somalis students by the Somalis Students’ Association at Kampala International University (KIU), on 27th September, 2019.

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Dean of students welcoming H.E Jibril Afyare to Somali Students Orientation at KIU

The Counselor, who expressed his delight for being invited as a Guest to the prestigious KIU during the Orientation of the New Somali students, encouraged them to continue educating themselves so as progress in life. 

H.E. Jibril Afyare said: “Do not ever stop educating yourselves; that is how you progress. You have a role to play in your future; you need to drive yourselves and be a go-getter.”

Meanwhile, His Excellency revealed the good plans Somalia as a country has for her citizens studying in Uganda, since the Consulate is working tirelessly to ensure that Somalis students stay in Uganda is free of immigration challenges.

Furthermore, H.E Jibril Afyare stated that in a quest to be conversant with on goings of their  citizens in Uganda, the embassy is opening up a new digital page for students to connect with them easier so as to be able to deal with the challenges they face. 

“As an embassy, we need our community to be awake and we need you students to achieve that,” he said.

Mrs Jovia Karwana, the Dean Student Affairs KIU, advised the Somali students to always regularize their stay in the country by ensuring that their immigration statuses as foreign students are done according to the stipulated procedures. She further encouraged the students that are yet to regularize their immigration statuses to come forth and be helped on time so as to avoid being penalized subsequently; either while still in Uganda, or at the point of exit after schooling by immigration officers.
Certificates Of Appreciation Being Awarded To The Counselor Of The Federal Republic Of Somalia In Uganda 

For their immense support to the Association, the Somalis Students Association awarded Certificates of Appreciation to their Counselor and the Dean of Students Affairs, KIU.

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