Prof. Janice Busingye, Co-authors New Book Titled: “Migration, Social Capital and Health”



By Stuart Bogere

KIU’s Deputy Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration, Assoc Prof. Janice Busingye, has co-authored a book titled: “Migration, Social Capital and Health.”

The book was co-authored by Dr. Raymond Asare Tutu, chair of the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at Delaware State University.

According to the authors, the book brings readers the first scientific publication, using a mixed method approach, on the internal migration dynamics regarding disease ecologies of informality and the

interactions between social capital, lifestyles, health literacy, and health outcomes in the context of informal settlements in two developing countries – Ghana and Uganda.

Through the prism of the concepts of place and scale, the book demonstrates the myriad of ways by which place or context directly and indirectly influence migrant’s health knowledge, literacy, and outcomes in poor urban slums.

The readers will learn about the multi-faceted linkages between social capital, acculturation, and health in places of deprivation via quantitative methods (e.g. surveys) and qualitative methods such as focus group discussions, indepth interviews, concept mapping, and body health mapping.

Chapters 1–2 provide an overview of internal migration into urban slums of Ghana and Uganda, and discuss the intersections between migration, social capital, and health in a global context.

Chapters 3–7 address disease patterns, environmental risks to health, health literacy of migrants, social capital and acculturation, and social capital and health.

The final chapter discusses the social determinants of health through the Health in All Policies Approach (HiAP), and offers insight into reducing health disparities.

The book is part of the Global Perspectives on Health Geography Book Series by Springer. For more information on the book, click on this link:

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