H.E Natumanya John is the Guild President of KIU Western Campus sharing photo moments with pastor Joseph Kabuleta

By Kasasa Ali

The Guild President of KIU Western Campus; H.E John Natumanya, gives us an insight into his personality, and his agenda for the students’ fraternity.

KGT: Who is John Natumanya?

GP: John Natumanya is a student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Education (Phy/Math) at Kampala International University-Western Campus, a Ugandan by birth from Bushenyi, Ankole.

KGT: How did you manage to win the election?

GP: First of all, I made myself famous at faculty level through participating in associations’ elections. I participated in co-curricular activities in which students are significantly involved and even sponsored some of the events at the faculty. Aside from that, I interacted with various leaders from the other faculties, teamed up, and that is how we managed to secure the bag of votes.

KGT: What do you wish to accomplish as the Guild President?

GP: I want to secure a van for the Guild union, approval of the constitution, and full representation of Western Campus in the KIU Giraffe Times Newspaper.

KGT: How is your relationship with the guild president of the main campus?

GP: It is excellent; we are always in contact via calls. We usually advise each other where and when necessary.

KGT: How often do you work together?

GP: Often, when there is need. Most communication is digital, but if possible, we link up when I am in Kampala.

KGT: What role did the Guild Union play in the just-concluded KRIC conference?

GP: During the programme, two of our representatives participated in organising the event, and two first-year students were sponsored by the guild to attend the conference.

KGT: What exciting things have you planned for the upcoming semester?

GP: Several activities have been planned like the organisation of a colourful cultural gala, an Inter-Faculty sports gala, and a Health camp to give back to the community.

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