KIU Cultural Gala 2018: The Most Competitive Cultural Gala Ever Seen


By Angela Luyiga

Kampala International University (KIU) students
managed to prove that behind the scholarly walls, there is talent. At the
recently held 6th KIU cultural gala, the Baganda Nkobazamboga
emerged winners over 27 other cultural groups from the different parts of the
world and Uganda; Rwandese, Congolese, Nigerians as well as the Basamia,
Acholis, Ankole, Gishus all participated.

The event kicked off on March 16th with a
set piece where the different student associations sang the KIU anthem and
later performed their traditional folk songs. At this, the Baganda managed to
convince the judges with their angelic voices.

Mary Kabayikirizi; the Deputy Guild President was
especially proud of her heritage, the Banyarwanda’s performance who they took
us through their rich culture with a theme on marriage where a girl was carried
by a group of gentlemen in a basket-like carriage which they called “enghoozi”.

The event which went on for two days till March 17th
saw the different cultural groups performing their dances with African beauty showcased
at its very best. Clearly the students and the various leaders had done their
job. KIU being an international University, there was a touch of all tribes and
nations hence fulfilling one of its goals in celebrating diversity.

The dramatic moment was when the Gishu performed a
“live” imitation of the Imbalu session right on stage. The performance was
almost real due to the liquid that looked like blood.

In attendance were the Deputy Vice Chancellor
Academic Affairs, Dr. Annette Kezaabu Kasimbazi and the Commissioner for Culture
and Family Affairs, Ministry of Gender, Ms. Juliana Akoryo who was the Chief

Ms. Juliana Akoryo applauded KIU for having
disciplined students and for also allowing the students to showcase their
various cultures and talents.

“In many ways, culture
is the way we tell our stories, celebrate, remember the past, entertain ourselves
and imagine the future. Celebrating our culture helps us see the world through
the eyes of others. It helps us understand that there is more that binds us
than that which makes us different,” she said.

She further emphasized how important culture was for
everyone since the world today needs people that don’t see things through a
single point of view, “It needs people who respect each other, understand their
differences and come together.”

The Dean of Students, Ms. Jovia Karwana added that
the event was a very big success compared to all the other cultural galas.
“This event was very colorful and it was highly attended by both students and
staff not forgetting the unique style that the students showcased,” she said.

However just like any event, a few challenges surfaced
after the results were announced. This had some associations drop out of the
race and others trying to challenge the results. But in all, the goal of
celebrating our diversity was achieved as intended.

Dr. Kezaabu, in her closing remarks, stressed that a
cultural gala is a great way for students to get cultured. She noted that being
cultured has an impact on how someone is perceived even well after their University
years. “We graduate you after you’ve satisfied us in character and in
learning,” she said.

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