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You may have heard about eLearning before.  However, like most people, you’re probably not
very familiar with what it is and how it works. 
Simply put, eLearning is training provided via a computer or any other
digital device where the learning is not restrictive and can be done anytime,

According to the Economic Times, a global leader in
economic reporting, eLearning was not wholeheartedly accepted a couple of
decades ago as it was assumed that it
lacked the human element required in learning.  Fast forward to the present day dynamism in
learning, it is now embraced by the masses because of the flexibility and
mobility that it offers mostly attributed to technological advancements.

In keeping up with the times, Kampala International
University (KIU) will be launching its eLearning platform anytime soon. This
will enable students to study off campus. 

We caught up with Seth Muhairwe, one of KIU’s lead
architects on the eLearning project to get a better understanding of why it’s
so popular today, “It makes the learning process very entertaining. You have
online chatting, discussion forums for classroom debates and analysis. You get
the innovative use of social media for classroom projects. And that’s just the
exciting part,” he said.

Muhairwe also noted that the platform offers a
flexible, non-intimidating and safe learning environment where students have no
fear of asking questions, and it reduces
the stress level of anxiety-inducing assignments,
“Students can learn at their own speed
instead of following the speed of the whole group,” he added.

The eLearning platform is already a success at the Kampala
International University Tanzania Campus with 4700 users benefitting from it.

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