Watoto Church Speaks Out On Her 11 Choir Members Diagnosed With COVID-19


By Agnes Kiconco

Watoto Church has come out to clarify that her congregation is safe, after 11 of her choir members returning from the UK and Canada were diagnosed with COVID-19.

The 11, were part of the two choirs made up of 12 children and 10 adults each.

The Church, represented by Pastor Julius Rwotlonyo, the Associate Team Leader, said that the team of choir members returning from the UK and Canada had been quarantined at government approved centres on arrival. Therefore, they didn’t interact with the congregation in Uganda.

“As per Government requirements, both choirs have been quarantined at government approved centres in Entebbe, since their arrival at Entebbe International Airport on 20th March 2020,” Pastor Rwotlonyo said.

Pastor Rwotlonyo also added to say that on 27th March 2020, one of the adult choir members on return from the UK, tested positive for the Coronavirus. This was after the victim displayed mild symptoms and was immediately isolated from the rest of the team.

“Upon further testing, 3 more adults and 1 child on the same choir tested positive and these individuals were immediately isolated from their group and taken for treatment. Other tests were also done for the remaining choir members,” he added.

The Ministry of Health also reported that an additional six children and three adults tested positive in the same choir, raising the total number of Coronavirus cases to 44 in the country. 

Despite all this, Pastor Rwotlonyo expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Health and health officials for working hard and caring for the Watoto children, adults, and all those affected by the virus.

The Pastor further encouraged members of the Watoto Family to continue to pray for the full recovery of the affected choir members and the health and safety of everyone in this season. 

Finally, he urged the people to be vigilant and continue taking necessary steps to curb the spread of the virus.

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