Police Warns People Against Violating Presidential Directives By Jogging In Large Numbers


By Agnes Kiconco

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga has warned the public against violation of the presidential directives. This was after police sighted several people jogging in groups of more than five people.

Much as the majority are staying home as directed by the President, some are endangering other people’s lives by violating the ban on gatherings of more than five people.

According to Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, many people have committed to the presidential directives, except for a few who are putting other people’s lives in danger by continuing to jog in large numbers.

“We have noticed that there are still a few people taking risks by; failing to stay at home, violating the ban on public gatherings of not more than 5 people, defying the ban on passenger travel especially on bodabodas and use of private vehicles, illegally holding prayers, and violating the dusk-to-dawn curfew (where pedestrians walk past 7 pm), and especially all persons jogging along the public roads and highways in groups,” stated Enanga on Sunday, 05th April 2020.

“We would like to issue a serious warning to these rule-breakers, that we won’t hesitate to take tougher action against them,” Enanga added.

“In Buikwe District, we engaged and even dispersed gatherings of more than 15 persons in several places. These included; Namengo, where several people were found gathered in compounds drinking alcohol. In Geregere, we encountered youth playing ludo and pool, in groupings of more than 20, who hurled stones at officers on duty. The same applied to communities at Ngogwe, Najja sub-counties, and at the landing site of Muyobwe in Ssi –Bukunja sub-county,” he said.

All this is in a bid to ensure the safety of all Ugandans as directed by the Ministry of Health and President Yoweri Museveni, so as to curb the further spread of Coronavirus.

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